Vallejo-räppäri J Diggs pidätettiin kannabiksen hallussapidosta!

Vallejo-räppäri J Diggs pidätettiin Oklahomassa alkuviikosta kannabiksen hallussapidosta. Räppäri pääsi 24 tuntia myöhemmin vapaaksi. Lue lisää alapuolelta.

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The longtime affiliate of the late Mac Dre got into some trouble in Oklahoma earlier this week, when he was caught with a rather large amount of weed.

Rapper J-Diggs drove into some problems out in Rogers County, Oklahoma when he was busted with a big stash of Marijuana.

The rapper, born Jamal Diggs, is well-known for his association with the legendary Mac Dre and his label, Thizz Entertainment.

According to a report on Channel 6 in Tulsa, J-Diggs and his girlfriend were arrested after the cops stopped their vehicle, which was wreaking of marijuana – from the outside.

“I could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle from the back bumper before I even said hello,” Deputy Ron Walker told NewsOn6.

The cops also found $12,000 in cash on the rapper, who appeared to be genuinely shocked the cops didn’t recognize him.

Fortunately, J-Diggs was freed from custody after spending 24-hours locked up.

J-Diggs said he owns a legitimate CBD business in California.