Teiniräppäri Tay-K tuomittiin vähintään 55 vuoden vankeuteen!

Texasista kotoisin oleva 19-vuotias teiniräppäri Tay-K, oikealta nimeltään Taymor McIntyre, tuomittiin eilen vähintään 55 vuoden vankeuteen murhasta. Lue lisää alapuolelta.

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Rapper Tay-K (real name Taymor McIntyre) has been sentenced to 55 years in jail after being found guilty of murder for his role in a 2016 home invasion in Tarrant County, Texas. According to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Deanna Boyd, the rapper also received 30 years for one of his aggravated robbery convictions and 13 years on the others. The sentences will be served concurrently since he was a minor when the crimes were committed. He will also face a total of $21,000 in fines.