Sacramento-veteraani X-Raided otti kantaa Juice Wrldin kuolemaan

Sacramento-veteraani X-Raided otti eilen kantaa Chicago-räppäri Juice Wrldin kuolemaan. Juice Wrld menehtyi eilen sairaskohtaukseen lentokentällä 21-vuotiaana. Lue lisää alapuolelta.

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X-Raided / Instagram:

This may be insensitive but I find it hard to empathize with rich dead drug addicts. This generation is celebrating drug abuse like it’s cool and then want us to mourn when one of em kills themselves. I ain’t feelin it.

Our people have never been “cool” drug addicts: drugs were placed in our neighborhoods to kill us and minimize our ability to organize for political power. The government literally instituted covert PROGRAMS to ensure that we abused and were neutralized by drugs after the civil rights movement was a huge success ( #cointelpro ).

We never celebrated BEING a dope fiend. Our elders in Hip hop always told us not to do hard drugs. We never celebrated BEING crack addicts, alcoholics, heroin addicts, meth addicts… and we never celebrated drug ADDICTION itself.

Do NOT use hard drugs. Sip something or smoke something but popping pills, using needles and anything with a pipe that ain’t weed is OUT. These drug companies are making BILLIONS off of the current free advertising they are getting from rappers who advocate the use of these drugs by NAME and our babies are listening. The FDA is a GOVERNMENT AGENCY and they approve of these products and take billions from the companies who produce these drugs. They don’t put ANY of that money back in our communities or our schools: they use it to build PRISONS and MORTUARIES and CEMETERIES and INSURANCE COMPANIES with which they make MORE money from when we go to jail and die behind drug abuse.

When our people were suffering from drug abuse, the government called it a war on drugs, a war on crime and created programs to PUNISH us. When their people started suffering from drug abuse, they called it a health crisis and created programs to SAVE them. If that don’t tell y’all something is wrong, it’s cuz we’re too busy getting high to understand. This is a PLAN. It’s working.

God bless the dead. @juicewrld999 death ain’t about his status or being a legend or a rapper; it’s about the consequences of our failure to educate our children about this COUNTRY and it’s determination to help us minimize and kill ourselves.

#ripjuiceworld #healthiswealth #sobriety #getsober #mentalhealthawareness
We under attack and y’all don’t even know it.