Lord Juco ja Cousin Feo omistivat uuden sinkun legendaariselle futisderbylle – kuuntele ‘Mexican Shootouts’

Lord Juco ja Cousin Feo julkaisivat viime lauantaina uuden sinkkubiisin ‘Mexican Shootouts’, joka on omistettu legendaariselle El Súper Clásico -futisderbylle. Biisin on tuottanut Cotola. Kuuntele Bandcampissa.

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Our 8th installment to this “Death At The Derby” series takes us from Spanish lands down into the city trenches of Mexico for a storied rivalry between Club America & Chivas de Guadalajara. Historically the two greatest clubs in Mexico’s top division, this “Clasico” has been filled with country’s legendary players and feuds between fan bases that have cost lives.