Houston-legenda DJ Screwistä tekeillä elämäkerta – katso traileri!

Edesmenneestä Houston-legenda DJ Screwistä on tekeillä elämäkerta. Lue lisää alapuolelta.

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All Screwed Up is a compelling new series centered around the legendary DJ Screw, born Robert Earl Davis Jr.. Not only was Screw a groundbreaking DJ, he invented a signature style that has transcended more than 2 decades of pop culture and spring-boarded the career of dozens.

His slow pitched “Chopped & Screwed” technique has been featured in Academy Award & Golden Globe Award-winning films and on dozens of multi-platinum, Billboard topping songs. After discovering his signature sound in the early 90s, Robert’s popularity landed him in the middle of police harassment and a violent local beef. This dispute between two sides of America’s 4th largest city would go on to cause on of the most infamous divides in the South’s urban culture.