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What’s up, Reece Loc? Some time ago you released an album called ‘Definition Of Dope’ with Da Boy Eternal. Tell us about the new album.

Well Eternal hit me up and said he wanted to work with me and make an album. So then we just started getting production together and the rest is history.

How did you get the idea for the new album?

Eternal came up with the title. He just said this album is going to be dope and thats what we’re going to call it.

Which of the songs on the album is your favourite or closest and why?

My favorite song on the album is “Headbussa”, Because you can hear my hunger, passion and my reality in the lyrics.

When you listen to your album can you hear the artists that influenced you when you were growing up?

Yeah, I always say you can hear in my voice and music I make. Who influenced me, X-Raided, C-Bo, Mac Dre, Too $hort, Brotha Lynch Hung, but mostly growing up X-Raided and Mac Dre we’re the biggest influences growing up. Their music helped me get through some tough times in my life.

How do songs come together for you? Like what comes first, the beats or the rhymes?

What comes first for me is the beats. I have to really feel the beat in order for me to write what i’m feeling. Music for me is a stress reliver. I got a lot of shit botteled in my brain, so I need a perfect beat that talks to me.

Let’s talk about bay area mobb sound. What are your thoughts on the current state and the future of mobb sound?

Well I think “mobb music” is coming back. It’s coming back new and improved. Mobb music can always be updated and made more relavent. There are too many artist following trends, because they see whats selling and making money. When in reality, they should with they culture and sound of their region, instead of being followers of whats trending.

Which albums are your favourites when talking about mobb sound?

My favorite mobb albums would have to be:

C-Bo – Tales From The Crypt (1995)
E-40 – Federal (1993)
Too $hort – Born To Mack (1987)
C-Bo – Till My Casket Drops (1998)
The ClicK – Game Related (1995)

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever played a show or made a recording?

The Most unusual place for me to record would have to be a motels or hotels.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

Well I thinks it’s good. With the social media and the blogs these days, your phone is the world in your palms to make a name for yourself.

What else are you into outside of music?

Well outside of music I hustle everyday, got to stack this paper.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are, just to keep working and hopefully it will pay off. I’m currently working on a lot of projects and albums. Just trying to be a better artist each day and trandscent this mobb shit!

Would you like to say hello to our readers?

Yeah, of course. What’s up everybody? I appreciate everybody tuning in, or listening to my music and if you haven’t, please check on it. All my albums are on ITunes, or you can hit me up on Facebook and Instagram to get hard copies. Get on ‘siccness.net’, at The Sicc Shop, so you can find my album titles.

Let’s finish it off by asking you what’s your favorite gangster movie of all time?

My favorite gangster movie would have to be ‘Menace to society’, because it reminds me of my neighbourhood growing up when I was growing up.

Thanks for your time!

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