Haastattelussa Portland-räppäri Mac Roo

Haastattelussa Oregonin Portlandista kotoisin oleva räppäri Mac Roo.

  1. What’s up, Mac Roo? How are you today?

I could never complain, man. I’m actually doing really good right now. I hope all is well with you.

  1. First, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

I’m from Portland Oregon. I was raised all around in every neighborhood pretty much. I live in San Francisco and the Bay Area for 10 years.

  1. How did you get into music?

As a kid growing up listening to mom the music my mother listen to. I used to sit on the front porch at my apartments and set up chairs and act like they were drum sets and play on them with a stick things.

My father is also a musician who is a guitar player, so I’m going to band practice is with him when I was a kid and watching them practice and do the songs in seeing first hand. So I had a knowledge about different music equipment at a young age.

  1. Who are your biggest influences, both musically and personally?

Musically I got a whole lot of influences, to name a few Prince, Cameo, Michael Jackson, Warren G, Suga Free, DJ Quik, E-40, Richie Rich, 2pac, The Jacka, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Dru Down, Andre Nickatina and definitely Mac Dre!

I also like the East Coast rappers like LL Cool J, who in my opinion is the G.O.A.T. I like Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Junior Mafia, Lost BoyZ, Capone and Noriega, Camp Lo, AZ. I’m absolutely truly inspired by all music. As far as personal people in my life, The Jacka was a good friend of mine. He definitely influenced me to be a better person, just treat people better around me and always try to be helpful in the situation. Andre Nickatina is another friend of mine who I learned a lot and I appreciate him. Berner and me are good friends and just the way he does business, I always have admired the way he operates.

  1. How has the music scene there changed over the years?

I think with the internet and how it’s set up people have a better reach a lot more music. I also think that a lot of microwave music is happening. You have a lotta quick made music, because of the internet and the way it’s set up right now. It’s way more independence now and I think that’s needed. I think that somehow people should start blending the old with the new, don’t let the old just die out.

  1. What do you usually start with when working on a new piece?

I usually start with a dope ass beat, the beat gotta be slap. It’s gotta have a groove to it, you know. It’s gotta have a feelin’ I’m looking for.

  1. Let’s talk about your newest single, “Game Changed”. What was the inspiration for this song?

I come from the game. I was raised selling drugs, pimping hoes and take a part of the crimes on the street side of things. The song was a depiction of the change of the pimp game and I was just painting a picture of some of the changes we see now.

  1. How’s the feedback been so far?

I mean, people like it, ain’t gonna lie, a lot of people been saying they like it and I appreciate it. I appreciate everyone who does like it and has let me know, so it’s doing good so far.

  1. Why did you choose the title “Game Member” for your newest EP?

Game member was the name of the EP because in the streets everything you do is a game. The pimp game, the gang game, the drug game. I wanted to depict because I’ve been a part of everything that. I’m a game member, so it’s like jack of all trades for the game.

  1. How long did you work on the EP? What problems did you face?

I’ll probably worked on the EP for all that eight months and I really didn’t have any problems. It was pretty smooth sailing and I would like to press the vinyls.

  1. What song from the new EP is your favourite and why?

Four-star hotel is funny. That song just captures the thoughts I have about the game.

  1. When and where do you think you are the happiest – in the studio recording new music, on stage performing or elsewhere?

Well, due to coronavirus I haven’t been able to perform much and I enjoy performing. I like to eat, I like to be in the studio.

  1. What are you listening to nowadays?

Lotta old school, a lot of soul music from the 70’s.

  1. How are you experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic? To what extent has your everyday life as an artist changed in quarantine?

It’s crazy, I feel like I’m getting a lot more done now than before the COVID-19 hit. I was so busy doing everything else, that I didn’t really have time to just put out music and build my buzz up, so right now it’s been a gift and a curse.

  1. What do you do to relax?

Smoke hella weed, write raps and barbecue. I like to get on the water too, maybe grab a boat and split the sea.

  1. What’s next for you?

I got a Double EP coming soon called Razorblade City. I already have a couple songs and a video recorded for that.

  1. Any last words to our readers?

Definitely check me out! My music is for the real ones, so enjoy it, it’s something to ride to, I appreciate any and everyone who likes and supports my music and the creators of content, rather it’s music or blogs or vlogs.

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