Haastattelussa Pasadena-räppäri A1 Yolaman

Haastattelussa A1 Yolaman. Hän on Kalifornian Pasadenasta kotoisin oleva räppäri. A1 Yolaman on tehnyt urallaan yhteistyötä useiden rap-artistien, kuten Glasses Malonen, Chilee Powdahin, Kuruptin ja C-Bon kanssa.

  1. What’s up, A1 Yolaman? How are you today?

I’m doing good!

  1. Where are you from and how was life growing up?

I’m from Pasadena, California. Growing up in Pasadena was rough. I came up in the inner city with my mother who was a single mother taking care of me and my 5 siblings. I began to hustle and hang in the neighborhood where I learned the street game.

  1. What were your earliest memories of music? What was the first rap album you bought?

The first time I rapped lyrics was at P.H.S Pasadena High School in Pasadena. We used to have cyphers at lunch time almost everyday, but I never thought about being a rap artist. Then I moved to Arizona where I was riding with my older brother Richard N. Grant aka Richie Rich out of Pasadena. We were riding and smoking a joint and I started freestyling. He then brought a lot of equipment and my journey began.

  1. How did you get your name A1 Yolaman?

I got my name from the street life I used to live. I used to move the white and had that A1 Yola. When I started rapping I called myself A1 Yolaman.

  1. Where do you find most inspiration?

Making a change in the cycle in the family and leaving my kids wealthy when I die.

  1. What did you start doing first, producing or rapping?

I started rapping first then the production followed.

  1. Who influenced you most as a rapper/producer?

Dr. Dre influenced me alot as I got deeper into making music.

  1. What hardware/software do you use?

I use Pro Tools and FLstudio 2.0 producers edition.

  1. What can you tell us about your new album ‘Ice Cold’?

The album is a real southern coast/west coast type of flavor. Most of the production, mixing and mastering by me, with courtesy of HMP Musik.

  1. What was your experience working with Glasses Malone?

Working with Glasses Malone was great. I met Glasses Malone years back in Tucson, Arizona where I approached him and introduced myself. He gave me his manager’s email, then I caught up with the law. Upon release I reached back out to him for a feature, which he agreed to. I sent him the track and we created a banger.

  1. In your opinion, what is your favorite song you’ve done to date?

“Game, Game” of the project “Ice Cold”.

  1. What are you currently listening to?

I’m currently bumping my own music!

  1. How do you spend your free time?

I really don’t get much of that because I stay grinding.

  1. Where can we check you out online?

Google me!

  1. Any last words to our readers?

I highly appreciate all the love from my fans, friends and supporters who have been supporting my movement. Much love to Richie Rich, Chilee Powdah, Fade45, Big D, Steve, Mac Truck, CJ, JThug, Voobie SkyHarbor, J5Slap, Ganxsta Love, Glasses Malone and all my people.

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