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Tällä kertaa haastattelussa New Mexico -räppäri $ixfoot$lim.

What’s up, $ixfoot$lim!

What’s good, JP, how you doing brotha? $/o Finland and Europe. Love y’all!

Would you tell our viewers who you are and where you from?

I go by $ixfoot$lim, I’m straight out of the Duke City! Also know as Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, and no, it’s not Mexico lol. Real city over a million people. Bunch of violence, drugs use, domestic violence, child abuse, DUIs. The usual. I love my city though.

Can you tell us something about your youth, how was growing up?

90’s baby. Grew up in a single parent household just my mother. Love you ma. Was an only child, til about 11 years old, then my mom got pregnant with my two little twin brothers. S/o Jay and Nik one time too. Love you guys. Early childhood changed schools alot, moved alot, stayed with grandparents here and there. Pretty normal childhood, tho can’t complain. Real shy. Kept to myself. Was always in the honor roll and all that shit. Hella into wrestling, games, pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh all that. Started getting into writing songs when I was about 11. More rock/rap type shit. Released my first song when I was about 14 I’d say. So I been rapping in studio for 10+ years now. Used to go by Throwbak.

So what sort of music were you exposed to when you were growing up?

First rap video I remember growing up was “Y’all Gon Make Me Lose My Mind”. Fuckin insane. I was like 4. That shit made me love hip hop/rap. Early on tho I was big on my rock shit. Korn, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool and Linkin Park was my favorite. Rap wise, early early Jay-Z, DMX, Eminem obviously, Method Man. Wu-Tang. High school I turned into a hip hop historian Big L, old Fat Joe, Nas, Aotp, Public Enemy, Jada. Anyone you can think of. Now I’m into more new shit like Ramirez, SB, SHWB, Pouya, X, Doomshop, idkjeffrey, Mr. Sisco and the people I work with mainly too.

Can you take me back to the first album you ever purchased with your own money?

First one I remember TBH is “The Black Album” by Jay-Z. 2003 I think.

When did you start rapping?

Age 11-13.

How did you get the name $ixfoot$lim?

Used to go by Throwbak and rap a different style, live a different lifestyle. I started hustling and stopped messing with the crowd I was with before and being sad about who I was before. So I kind just killed Throwbak off and came back as $IXFOOTSLIM. Never looked back. No corny shit, lol, dead ass serious. Killed off my old persona.

How long would you say you have been seriously doing music?

Since I was 14 I kinda always knew I wanted to be a rapper. Always recording, freestyling, trying to write songs, finding beats. Just took me years to kinda figure out what I was doing wrong with music and how much harder I should’ve been going. First mixtape I dropped I was like 17 I think. Junior year.

To someone who has never heard you before, how would you describe your sound?

I’d say it’s always changing and I don’t really wanna compare myself to anyone. I sound like $IXFOOTSLIM. But the whole movement that’s been going on for the past 5 years has really inspired me. Definitely $uicideboy$, Sesh and, Xavier Wulf, Fursure. Rvider Klvn. Doomshop. All those guys. S/o Big L too. Just randomly gotta throw that out there!

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I hope my fans just see that I’m hungry for this shit and every single interaction means alot. I just try to release my anger or depression most the time when I write or record. I just want them to see I been at it, I’m a student of the game. Also I don’t give a fuck most the time and I can be a very negative person, it’s not an act in the raps. I’m really like that in real life. Just show people depression is real and all that, but you can always find an outlet. Just better ways of channeling your energy.

What are some of the misconceptions that critics have about $ixfoot$lim?

That I’m younger than I am, I’m 24. People always say I’m taller in person. That I’m ignoring people lol. Think I’m strictly into SoundCloud rap. That’s about it off top.

What are you listening to these days?

New $uicide album, Ramirez everyday, Xavier Wulf everyday, Doomshop, old Memphis tapes, Lil Gin, Playa Fly, Gangsta Pat, DJ Zirk, IamBLAIZE, DJ Killa C, Shoreline Mafia. All the homies too.

Smoke weed? What is your favorite strain at the moment?

Everyday! Gelato still or lemon tree. Only the lemon tree in a can tho.

What are your upcoming projects?

More singles. More feats. GLOCK LESNAR (TBD) new $HINIGAMI TWIN$. Big s/o to my brotha Petty Joe. Go look him up on SoundCloud right now if you’re reading this. Some shit with 1kdame, more w Blaize, Mr. Sisco, DJ Killa C and some suprise feats too.

Any closing thoughts?

$/o all my friends, followers, family, supporters, and haters. $IXFOOTSLIM LOVES YOU ALL.

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