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What’s up, Young Lo? How are you today?

I’m good. Never felt better.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Where are you originally from, born and raised?

I’m from the United States – North Memphis, TN. Born and raised on Seventh St. The heart of the ghetto and Downtown Memphis.

Where did the name “Young Lo” originate from?

Originally my name is Carlos Warren. “Young Lo” came about as the abbreviation for my name (Carlos). Also me being a young guy and within the era of that time a lotta artist had the “Young” thing attached to their name. It was a good fit besides that’s what all my guys call me anyway. Been “Young Lo” since 1988.

What are some of your fondest musical memories from when you were a kid growing up?

Man I remember attending the Jack The Rapper Music & Entertainment Conference in Atlanta, Ga in the 90’s when I was about 16 years old. First time I ever saw Tupac and countless other celebrities of his caliber and even bigger in my life. Shared a room with EightBall and MJG at the hotel we were staying at. I was their on Sauve Records Acct. At the time they were interested in doing business.

Who would you say has had the biggest musical influence on you and why?

Scarface & Jay Z. Because of Scarface’s story telling art and Jay Z’s business savvy. Simply put.

What are some projects you did when you first came out and started to let people know who you were?

Some of the mixtapes I have released.

1. Seventh Street Bound
2. Real Dealizm (1996)
3. New Jack Debut Edition Compilation (1999)
4. Life In General (2000)
5. Non-Fiction (2002)
6. Christmas In The Hood (Single) (2003)
7. Carlos Warren Mixtape (2012)
8. Carlos Warren Mixtape II (2017)
9. Legend (2018)

Did you see any turning points when you realized things were picking up, or did it all happen little by little?

We’ll the turning points weren’t to me as acceptable as my independence and ownership of of my complete catalog to this day. It’s all been kinda happening little by little all my life. Things do pick up, but I never was one to have such a huge budget. I just made sure I always made presentable product.

What is your opinion about the Memphis rap scene these days? Also, is there any new rappers that impress you and that you would like to work with?

Memphis rap scene is incredibly creative and steadily growing. Artist are becoming household names slowly but surely on the daily. Well I would work with whoever, but I’m not pressed or feel the need to whichever way it goes.

Besides rap, what other music genre do you like listening to?

Everything, depends on the mood I’m in. It could range from Rap, Rock, Country, Jazz, Soul and etc. I love music period.

Can you tell us little about how the Alkatraz Syndicate got started and how you guys know each other?

Well Al Kapone is kinda like the underrated godfather of the rap music scene in Memphis. He’s had something to do with a lotta moves that’s been locally inclined in this city. Even a couple of mine back in the day. Alkatraz Syndicate was his label mates or click. I wasn’t signed to his label but we clicked up on several things and still do today. We met through the music years ago and the bond is as always active.

In 1996 you released your first studio album called ‘Real Dealizm’. What was the process like in recording this album?

Exciting. It was my first real album. I featured a lot of hot artist from the city on the project. I co-produced it and had a lot of live instruments playing throughout it. That was my first project to have national distribution.

Do you have any crazy stories from that time?

Nah. It was just a fun process. I was being young and learning the business as well. The only crazy is that I ain’t filthy rich yet.

What was one of your toughest struggles in your life or music career? What did you do to overcome it?

We’ll life is actually a forever struggle. We struggle to get to the top and we struggle to stay there. Now the music on the other hand was a struggle in the since of maybe never having the proper budget to market and promote the product. I overcame those situations by self educating myself on things that would have cost me a significant amount of money. I learned those tasks and completed them myself while saving thousands in the process.

Taking all the things you’ve learned what advice would you have for other artists coming up?

Learn the music business. Self educate yourself on every subject of the game. Build or have your own website built. Spend money on ads to advertise your music or brand. Sell your music online or physically (at least get a donation) don’t give it away. Shoot lots of music videos, it bring your music to life. Fans live music videos. I’m saying all of this along the way build your team and just out work everyone around you. You should be great.

Your latest album “Legend” just came out. How do feel about this album and are you satisfied with its outcome?

I feel like my new album “Legend” is a classic. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of it. In the light of me rushing the album due to me being honored as a “Legend” in my city for rap at the SCM Awards Show. It was like 45 day process. But successful.

What can we expect to see from you next?

More work, dedication, determination & discipline. Consistency and persistence. Continuing to build my catalog on www.youngloworld.com

Thank you very much for your time and effort. Do you have any last words to our readers?

Yes. Buy or stream all of Young Lo’s music at www.youngloworld.com or www.mixtapestreet.com
Also available on all other digital outlets.

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