Haastattelussa Los Angeles -veteraani Dazzie Dee

Haastattelussa Kalifornian Los Angelesista kotoisin oleva räppäri-tuottaja Dazzie Dee. Hän julkaisi debyytti-EP:nsä ‘Turn It Loose’ vuonna 1988. Dazzie Dee on tehnyt urallaan yhteistyötä useiden tunnettujen rap-artistien, kuten Suga Freen, Ice Cuben, Kool G Rapin, DJ Quikin ja Coolion kanssa.

  1. What’s up, Dazzie Dee? What have you been up to lately?

What up, bro! Working on these projects and staying busy!

  1. Tell us a bit about growing up in Los Angeles. What were your early years like?

Growing up in South Central was cool. I was into sports before music. L.A. was fun back in the day. It always had gang activity but the music/party scene was just as intense.

  1. What were your earliest memories of music and when did you start rapping?

I got into music when I was 10. I tried learning guitar but that didn’t last long. I started rapping once I got into Jr. High. I got into drums thanks to Johnny J (RIP).

  1. How has living in Los Angeles influenced your music?

Los Angeles is a true party scene so it was a natural progression becoming involved. Hip hop was new and fun so that made it exciting!

  1. How long had you been making beats?

Since I was 18.

  1. What hardware/software do you use?

I started with the MPC, but nowadays I use DAWs. Cubase, Pro Tools, Komplete and the MPC app just to name a few.

  1. What’s your take on the Los Angeles rap scene at the moment? What new talent do you see out that you think highly of or would like to work with?

Los Angeles is trying to find it’s own sound again. I like the artist I’m currently working with like Dao Poeta.

  1. What are you currently listening to?

I listen to a lot of old school hip hop and R&B. Right now I have Main Source’s 1st album on repeat!

  1. How did you meet Coolio? What’s your favorite memory of him?

I met Coolio around 1989 and he was one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met. My favorite memory is doing the song on my 1st album together (On My Cide) and we use to party a lot.

  1. In 1989 you released your debut EP ‘Dazzie Dee’. Looking back, what are your thoughts on that record?

It was a great time for West Coast hip hop and a greater learning experience. Working with Sir Jinx and Dr. Dre was fun.

  1. You released your debut album ‘Where’s My Receipt?’ in 1995. How did that album come about?

I was shopping my demo around to labels and Battlecat asked me to come rap on a song for his “Gumbo Roots” album. Our vibe clicked and we became good friends and once I got my record deal I asked him to produce it.

  1. You just released a brand new song called “30 Years Later’. What’s the story behind that song?

It was actually J-Dee’s idea! We were talking about the video we made in the studio years ago and he said we should do a song called “30 Years Later” and I thought the idea was dope!

  1. What can you tell us about your upcoming album?

It’s titled “Baking Soda” and it should be out by the time this interview drops! It’s a dope project produced entirely by Westcoast Stone and myself! It’s the pure definition of “West Coast Hip Hop”. We call it “West Coast Bomb Slap”.

  1. Which track on the album are you most excited for fans to hear and why?

Every song! It’s one of those projects where you can listen from start to finish without skipping!

  1. Who or what is currently serving as an inspiration to your sound and lyrics?

My love for authentic music and real hip hop!

  1. If you wasn’t creating music, what would you be doing right now?

Directing. That is my second love. I love being behind the camera!

  1. Any final words to our readers?

Go stream or download the new album! it’s authentic West Coast hip hop, you won’t regret it! Also look out for new music from my two groups “New Legend” and The Lench Mob!

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