Haastattelussa Kalifornia-räppäri Bossolo

Haastattelussa Kalifornia-räppäri Bossolo.

  1. What’s up, Bossolo? How are you today?

I’m blessed and highly favorited on this beautiful day. I’m chilling in my studio laying some verses down.

  1. Where are you from?

To be pacific I’m from Riverside California, Southern California, West Coast. That’s 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

  1. What drew you to music? Where does your influence come from?

I always been a fan of music since I was kid. I used to hustle stand in front of stores collecting donations or sometimes I sold lemon aid on the sidewalk to fund my music collection. I started collecting vinyl at a very young age buying albums like George Duke, Midnight Star, Atlantic Star, Prince, Bar Kays, The Commodores and 12 inches like Chic, Funkadelic, Ohio Players, Isley Brother’s, Earth Wind Fire, Rick James, & Bootsy’s Rubber Band. It wasn’t until I moved aways from my hometown Madison Wisconsin to Southern California in the 80’s that I decided to try to get into rapping. MTV Rap’s was a huge influence on me wanting to become a rap artist.

  1. How would you describe your rapping style?

I would describe it hardcore gangsta Westcoast reality rap not so much gangsta orientated talking about murdering other young black males, doing drive byz and killing innocent kids.
Gangsta as in gangsta West Coast hardcore using that authentic original sounds from the 90’s. It’s gangsta but Godly but with morals, it’s about the ghetto lifestyle, the police brutality and how to stay out of jail, that’s my style. Straight West Coast but not condoning or glorifying the gangsta street life. I’m not praising Old English and drinking hennessy cause that way of living is dead.

  1. Tell us about the new album Thug Therapy 2?

Thug Therapy II I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen after the first “Thug Therapy” I released back in 2015, and after I released Spice 1 album “Haterz Nightmare” 2015 things started looking grim for us to ever do a collaboration album again. I experienced alot of hate for my hard work, and other artist on Thug World Music Group label started spreading rumors and the jealousy accumulated quick and after the small beef with Spice-1 I didn’t think it was suitable to pay $10,000 to do a Thug Therapy II album so I just got in touch with all my West Coast homies I function with daily like WC, Kokane, MC Eiht, Glasses Malone, CJ Mac, San Quinn and Sly Boogy. I came with a cool budget from the label to get beats from Steve vicious and features from all my West Coast homies and now 6 years later you got Thug Therapy II.

  1. What’s your favorite song from the album and why?

I got alot of favorites from the album, the whole record banging, but I would say I really cherish the song ‘Bonafide’, because WC really loves this record. And, as a matter of fact, Dub encouraged me to release Bonafide first on “Thug Therapy II” instead of our other song we did. I cherish the song the most because some years back Dub was upset about me using a verse I paid for allowing Spice-1 to put the same verse we did on a Spice-1 album called ‘Haterz Nightmare’. It was a song called ‘Can’t Hold Us’, but on my album the song was called ‘One West’. WC wasn’t too happy with that but years later here we are we reconciled our business relations and putting out bangers like ‘Bonafide’ and no more recycled verses.

  1. What’s your next project?

Working on another project as we speak. I’m currently in my studio Val Vista Hills Ca recording a album called ‘Boss Status’. So far I got WC on the album again song called ‘Legendary Gee Shid’.

  1. How did you connect with JL Ortega?

I connected with my good friend on Facebook. He his one of a kind an awesome producer and a incredible person to work with. I’m excited about our record he’s about to release ‘Killa California West’.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I already accomplished alot. New home, cars, studio, new album. I’m straight. I rather have patience than all the things I gained.

  1. What do you want your supporters to know about you?

I’m a independent artist. No major label. Self made. So don’t be surprised if you hit me on the DM and I actually talk back. It’s really me, I aint Hollywood!

  1. Any final comments?

Before you judge an Artist and look down upon any independent artist, ask yourself: are you rich, are you famous? Why do you idolize mainstream artist so much? Why do you break your necks to try to talk to artist that are rich. They give you no time they say no words to you. But remember once upon of time they was just like me and some of the fans doubted them and talked bullshit about them. This is why artist don’t talk to fans. Evaluate yourself and how you treat others. Reality check.



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