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What’s up, Cash Every Day? How are you?

I am doing great!

What was your journey like to get where you are?

It was a rough start. Nobody believed in me. I lost a lot of friends on the way, family members too.

What is your musical background?

I have family that sings and plays instruments. I have a cousin that was one of the back up singers for the Temptations. My great-uncle sang and played the harmonica. My cousin has a blues band, but no one in my family raps. I am the first one.

How long have you been making music now, as Cash Every Day?

I have been making music as Cash Every Day since 2007.

How would you describe your style as a rapper?

A blend of Pimp C and $oo Short mixed with a tone of Barry White or Slim Thug.

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Life experiences.

When you write songs, do the lyrics come first or does the music?

I let the beat talk to me. I get the beat first and then the lyrics come to me. Once I create the hook, everything else is just a feeling. I don’t write my lyrics on paper, I just get in there and say that shit.

What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

Motherfuckers telling me that I couldn’t do it. People not accepting the way I sound. I’m not the norm. I don’t sound like everyone else.

Who are the main players when you’re in the studio working on new material?

Davis my engineer at Barron Studios and me, that’s it.

What’s the hardest part about navigating the industry? If you could say anything to your younger self, what advice would you give him?

The politics. You have to kiss ass and all that other bull shit. My advice would be to use your love of music and do something with it. Don’t wait.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

8Ball & M.J.G
Teddy Pendergrass
Barry White
Michael Jackson
Too $hort

All of them are original and have their own sound. They didn’t let anyone tell them that they couldn’t do it. They never compromised. They were always original.

How did you start working with the legendary DJ Zirk?

I have always been a fan, since the late 90’s. I met him on the set of the video shoot for Turnt On featuring Skinny Pimp. It went from me asking for a beat, to developing a friendship. He gives me advice on what I need to do and how to polish my craft to make me more marketable. He is a mentor to me just like Skinny Pimp. I have known Skinny for about 3 years and now Zirk for about a year.

The way that I hooked up with Skinny was that I was sending music out to a DJ here in Houston and accidentally sent it to Skinny. He replied back that I needed a feature from him. He was a fan of the music right off the bat. He sent me his phone number and I called him and we talked for like 3 hours. That turned into making the song Turnt On and we have been rocking it ever since.

What are you listening to these days? Any favorite new artists?

I listen to a lot of old school R&B. I like PeeWee Longway, Trap Boy Freddy, Money Bagg Yo, Young Dolph.

What are some of your favorite albums?

The Diary by Scarface
SouthernPlayalisticadillacmusic by Outkast
Born to Mack by Too $hort
Too Hard to Swallow by U.G.K.
The Black Album by Jay-Z
The Blue Print by Jay-Z
IllMatic by Nas
Something Serious by Big Mike
On Another Level by The Ghetto Boys
The Game Owe Me by Playa Fly

What’s your relationship with drugs? Do you sip lean or smoke weed?

Sippin lean and smoking weed is a thing of the past for me. Now I just sip that yak. The older that I have gotten, I have learn that it is better to have a clear head. You can focus better!

Any upcoming projects being released you can tell us about?

I am going to put out an LP called PCP. Straight dope!

Finally, what are Cash Every Day’s words to live by?

Show some love and keep it real!


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