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What’s up, Detag? How you doing?

What’s good, JP! Yeah, I’m doing good man, thanks.

If I’m right, you’ve been growing up in Vänersborg, Sweden. How is the rap scene in Sweden?

Well, actually I grew up in the Netherlands in a city called ‘Emmen’. That was the place where I got into hiphop back in 1994 and started my first hip hop group in early ’96.

I came to Sweden early 2016 and I see most cats around here are inspired by the New York sound, you don’t see anybody fucking with any West Coast or South inspired hip hop.

Except the homey AILTON who’s a rapper from Göteborg, we’ve worked on 4 projects this year and some of the stuff I’ve been making for him is really West Coast type flavor.

Who were some of the rappers you were listening to as you were growing up, and how did they influence the kind of artist you are today?

As a teenager I was mostly listening to West Coast hip hop and underground West and South shit. Some of the first groups and artists that really got me inspired back than were Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre, Ganksta N-I-P, Eazy-E, Dayton Family, 5th Ward Juvenilez, Ice Cube, Snoop, Paris, Tela, Scarface, Above the Law, Bloods & Crips (I,II,III), Three Six Mafia, Crime Boss and House of Pain.

I kinda always loved hip hop that had great music behind the voices & music that had an edge to it, the same as alternative music and metal use to have.
I think that feeling was really captured in the 90’s with the variety of styles and everybody trying to be unique in their own way. So all those groups and artists I listened to back in the day inspired me to do what I do right now.

How did you begin your journey towards becoming a musician?

Well, it’s in the family first of all, my dad is singer/guitarist and I went with him to see his shows since the age of 4. I went from having my own drum set at the age of 5 to getting a guitar and learning to play guitar at the age of 11. And when I was around 14 I got into hip hop which I started that with a mixer, a cassette deck, 2 mic’s and 2 turntables and a stolen speaker.

When did you start thinking about music more seriously?

Music has always been the only thing I knew that I wanted to do. I never had any other career inspirations. But since I started producing for Ganxsta N-I-P early 2016, that made me go in 101% and really put myself on the map globally.

How would you describe Detag to someone who has never heard your music before?

That’s a good question tho. To put it in a box you can say it’s a mix of the golden era West Coast hip hop, horrorcore, funk and alternative rock.

Do you feel you’ve mastered your craft, or have more to learn?

I feel there’s too many out there that don’t even try to master their craft and just put out trash music, that’s what made me come back to the hip hop scene in the first place.

And I felt I could possibly do a better job at making hip hop music than some of the stuff I was hearing at that time.

But absolutely, there’s always more to learn (everyday) and I’m the type of person who’s eager to learn and keep up with the technology.

How did you link up with Ganxsta N-I-P from South Park Coalition?

Well that’s easy, I had just released my comeback album/demo “Decades of Magic” in 2015 and I wanted to start producing for other artists again. So I made this Youtube video with 5 snippets of new beats I had made and I sent it to Ganxsta N-I-P (cus i’ve always been a great fan of his music and style) and he got back to me within a day or so and said he liked 4 out of 5 tracks in that video. After about 2 weeks of working with him, he wanted me to produce the whole Brother N-I-P – Souljaz Only album.

Are you influenced by artists in other music genres?

Oh, hell yeah, man. I got much love for rock and metal music and also funk and blues. For example I really love bands/artists like Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Pantera, Body Count, Godsmack, Nikka Costa, Chris Cornell, Freddie King, Blues Brothers, Prince, STP, Ozzy and many many more.

Which artists are you currently listening to? And is there anyone of these that you’d like to collaborate with?

To be honest with you, I pretty much only listen to others peoples music in the car or on Youtube right now, Just because I’m working on tracks and mixes in the studio every day. I think I might have had 2 days in the last year when I wasn’t working on music in the studio.

If I can pick just anybody I’d like to work with, it be Everlast and also Ice-T.

When you aren’t producing, what are you doing?

Sleeping? Haha.. nah, besides producing music I also do graphic designing and editing video clips, those things I really love to do as well.
And other than that, watching a good horror or psychological thriller movie or a music dvd.

What has been the biggest moment of your career so far?

I think that is yet to come, I feel that right now I’m still building up my name and label and bigger things may or may not happen, we’ll see.

What’s next for you in your career?

Expanding the studio, having my own label and worldwide distribution. Those are things I’m working on.

Is there anything you like to add to this interview or something you like to say our readers?

Yeah, I do actually, In this time and age all you producers and artists need to really keep focus on what you love doing, rather than going for the quick buck all the time. Be unique and be yourself!

And If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just put on number 7 “Question And Answer”
from Ice-t’s “Home Invasion” album and you’ll get it!!

Thanks for your time!

Appreciate it, brother!!

Detag @ Detag Music Production

Albums produced by DETAG MUSIC PRODUCTION:

Ganxsta N-I-P (Brother NIP) – Souljaz Only

Ganxsta N-I-P – Best of Both Worlds (2018)

Ganxsta N-I-P – Greatest Horrorz (2018)

Single: Ganxsta N-I-P – Speak For Tha Dead
Single: Ganxsta N-I-P – Thank God
Single: Ganxsta N-I-P – Come Together
Single: Ganxsta N-I-P – Court Cases & Caskets
Single: Ganxsta N-I-P – Psycho

Dead Click – The Album
Sleepwalkas – Secret of Da Ooze
Detag – The Black E.P.
Ailton – Mitt Tempel
Ailton – Den Genetiska Koden (2018)
Scratch LDP – Scratchaveli (2018)
UGS4LIFE – Fuck Tha Lamestream (2018)
JackFrost (Come-back album 2018)
Sleepwalkas – Resurrect (2018)
Jackboy Dpayne – (2018)
Murdaman – Diary of a Murdaman (2018)
Project Cobra – The Organisation’s Elite (2018)

Albums mixed and mastered:

Daniel Jordan – What’s Old Is New Again
Daniel Jordan – The Stranger Remastered
Ailton – Atom
Ailton – Buren (2 track single)

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