Haastattelussa Brooklyn-räppäri Necro

Haastattelussa New Yorkin Brooklynista kotoisin oleva räppäri Necro. Hän julkaisi debyyttialbuminsa ‘I Need Drugs’ vuonna 2000. Necro on tehnyt urallaan yhteistyötä muun muassa Kool G Rapin, Vinnie Pazin, Immortal Techniquen ja monien muiden tunnettujen hip hop -artistien kanssa.

  1. What’s up Necro? How are you today?

Good, grinding as usual.

  1. How was it growing up in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn was tough, non stop drama, non stop fighting, racism, bullies, it made me very hardcore as a person.

  1. What you were into when you were younger, before you started doing music?

Before music I guess I was into video games, Nintendo, G.I.Joe, playing football, tackle & 2 hand touch, mainly kid stuff that we all do, while loving music, things like Hall & Oates were my first love musically, Billy Joel, before I even wanted to make it, just as a fan listening as a kid.

  1. What motivated you to start creating music?

I think I was in my Uncle Chanan’s house hanging. He had an Ovation acoustic guitar and I picked it up and loved the sound. I started playing it and he said if you want it kid, you can have it, and I was so happy, and I started playing that and getting really good, playing Metal riffs first, learning Metallica tabs and other Thrash bands at the time. So that lead me to playing Electric guitar and eventually being in a Metal band at like 11 years old.

  1. What are you working on now?

Right now for 2022 I wanna drop Death Rap 2, Sexorcist 2 and my Thug themed album, in the least, maybe more, but this is my goal for this year.

  1. So I assume you love horror movies. Have you ever wanted to make your own horror movie?

Yeah I do, I wanted to make films younger and did make 2 low budget ones in college when I took film class. It takes so much work and you need to rely on so many others to create one piece of art, it really made me sick – dealing with actors is super annoying. I hate dealing with people with wack egos. You help them but they give you mad ego because you are casting them in a scene, and they know they got you by the balls for that week. Showing up late and giving attitude. I went through hell dealing with corny actors, and then the same thing happened with rappers. You really need to be patient dealing with others to get projects done. I ended up realizing when I make Necro solo music, I do not have to deal with anyone except my engineer to mix and a designer to make cover art. It still can be a hassle sometimes but it’s only 2 people as opposed to with movies you gotta deal with 50+ people, so I knew I would get further with music than with movies. Also because it takes so many people you need large budgets or your stuff will come out looking not great. You need a good million to make a dope movie and that is considered a low budget, so yeah that’s how I feel about movies. I love watching them though. Huge fan of the hard work others invest lol. Big TV show fan of all the new shows, they entertain me and if one of them wanted to cast me in a role that I liked I would participate. Acting in movies is super annoying too, it’s a lot of sitting around waiting to be told what to do hahah. As you can see, I like to control my art.

  1. What’s your favorite horror movie?

‘Blood Sucking Freaks’ has always been my favorite.

  1. Do you have a favorite horror director?

Not really a favorite as there is so many good ones and sometimes they are one offs, so I can’t say. But H.G. Lewis comes to mind since he is The Godfather of Gore and started a lot of it, so he should get the #1 spot and salute.

  1. I love Dario Argento’s films. They’re so visually striking.

Yeah he is dope, I am a huge fan of the Giallo genre. Always very unique and exotic euro creepy style with dope music soundtracks.

  1. Outside of horror, do you draw inspiration from other genres?

As a beat maker you collect records since you are a kid, so I have been exposed to every genre in search of samples. So this makes you very well rounded musically and able to pull styles from many hats and incorporate anything ya mind thinks of while creating. So I am influenced by everything musically down to even Classical.

  1. If you had the total freedom to direct any porn movie of your choice, what would you create?

Interesting, well I would get all the legends to be part of the project because I value legends even though sexually they all might be old as fuck now. Just to have them in the movie. Then I would get all the hottest new young euro girls, like super newcomers, and I would make something interesting incorporating new and old. So it would be comedy flavor mixed with dope bitches getting fucked. In the end of the day, porn is about bustin’ a nut, people don’t care too much about story quality. It’s mainly about the female being really appealing, and if she gets banged out really good that is a plus. But for the sake of fun, I would personally wanna cast all the legends because I respect them, it was a different time back in the 70’s & 80’s – more taboo – and the legends had a lot of character. Today porn people are robots. I guess everything in society is losing it’s soul based on technology.

  1. Anything else you’d like to share?

Yeah, follow me on all digital platforms, like Spotify, add all my songs to your playlists, and follow me on all platforms like Instagram and Facebook & Youtube – I will list my pages below.

  1. Any last words to our readers?

Respect, Salute, I hope you become a fan and this interview makes you check out my music!


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