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1) What’s up, G? Let’s start at the beginning. When did you first start making music and what inspired you to make music?

– I started writing lyrics and rapping back in like 98’/99′.. I always loved music but never thought of actually rapping myself until I heard the song ”Northside Soldier” by Mousie and the GUN album. Hearing fellow Northern homies rapping and representing their hoods ignited a flame in me and I wanted to rep for my hood and city too.

2) What’s changed after then and now?

– I’d say back then I was a young gangbanging knucklehead who didn’t know anything about the rap game and that showed a lot in my music. Now I’m an OG who’s seasoned in the rap game more refined as an artist.

3) Which artists have influenced your sound?

– The artists who really influenced me in the beginning were Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo, X Raided, Spice 1, anything hardcore and gangster.

4) What does your creative process look like?

– Some of my best work is done when it’s just me and some beats to listen to. I play em until one of the beats starts talking to me. Lyrics start popping up in my head and I start putting bars together. Sometimes it takes a while to get it flowing and other times I’m feeling a beat so much that I’ll have a couple verses done in my head before I even write em down on paper or in my phone.

5) How did you meet Woodie?

– He use to post on a website called siccness.net. I was a big fan of his music so I hit him up on the website and asked him if I could send him my demo and he gave me an address. So I sent him my first song I ever recorded in a studio. Few days later he called me to tell me he was feeling my song and if he could put it on his upcoming Northern Expozure 4 album. I said hell yea and shortly after I made my way out to Sacramento to the album cover photo shoot where I met him and the other homies from East Co Co records. The rest is history!

6) What did you learn working with Woodie?

– I learned that this rap shit was to be taken seriously if I wanted to do it right. Wood was a pure professional when it came to his music.
He didn’t play around. You had to be on your best game around him when it came to the music. He showed me certain techniques in how to deliver lyrics and how to bring them words on paper to life thru the mic. He opened my eyes a lot and I’m truly greatful to him for that.

7) When your first album came out, did people doubt what you were doing?

– Good question! Yea man, I really didn’t have much support from anyone around me. None of the homies really took me serious. Rapping wasn’t something we did, we listened to rap but we didn’t know any rappers so it was new to me and new to them. But when they heard me spitting and seen that I was serious about it and I dropped my first album they started to accept it.

8) Have you recorded any new music lately?

– Yea, I have a lot of new music that I’ve been recording. I don’t put every new song I record on YouTube like some artists do. I’m still old school and I keep most of my new music waiting to drop on new projects

9) Do you ever reject songs just because they don’t fit the album concept?

– All the time! I have probably a whole album or two worth of songs that I’ve recorded and listened to and wasn’t feeling so I put em away.

10) Do you have any particular artists you’d love to work with in the future?

– I’ve always wanted to work with C-Bo, A-Wax, Mitchy Slick…

11) What’s your favorite hood movie?

– Training Day.

12) What do you think about everything that’s going on with Donald Trump right now?


13) What makes you lose your temper?

– Stupid people with no common sense.

14) And the last question is, what’s your favorite alcohol beverage?

– Ice cold Modelo with some lime!

15) Any last words to our readers?

– Shout out to everyone who listens to my music and supports what I do. It means a lot to me and I wish I could shake every one of your hands and tell you how much I appreciate every one of you! Much much love to yall!!

Thanks for your time, we look forward to hear your new music!

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