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What’s up King Cydal how are you today?

I’m good and looking forward to a big and productive 2020.

Where are you from and where are you now?

I’m born and raised in the Bay Area which is located in Northern California in a city called Menlo Park, California which is neighbors with East Palo Alto (murder capital of the USA in 1992), California and I still reside in the Bay Area til this day.

Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense and in what ways.

Very much so because I was able to witness the impact of many great songs that shifted the people around Menlo & E.P.A. all my life and by growing up with the people of the community, I had a front row seat of what moved them and I often revert to those times as I create a lot of my music in present times. Growing up, my area was a very rough community and so the music that moved the people in my community was a real strong sound that I try to embody in my music today. From the melodies to the content to the reactions all inspire the music I create today. For example when I make a hot song I imagine what people from my area think first before I think of what the world would think and in most cases if my area loves it, the rest of the world does too.

Who were some of the artist that inspired you growing up?

I was a big Michael Jackson fan overall, but my first recollections of my hip-hop inspirations came from watching RUN-DMC, LL Cool J and my most immediate inspiration came from watching my older brother Cool Breeze in a group he was a part of called Rated X. Being that me and my brother grew up in the same household, I was able to see him pursue his dreams and let me know that it could be done one day. 2Pac was also a big inspiration as well because of how diverse his song topics were.

When did you decide to pursue a career as an artist?

My original passion was in basketball and around my 8th grade year I used to record myself on tape reciting my brother Cool Breeze’s rhymes from his previously recorded albums until I became confident enough to write my own raps but only for fun. Once after I was kicked out of two high schools during my freshman year, caused me to sit out from basketball my sophomore year. It was during that time I became more available for music and linked up w/ a good friend I met during 1 of my freshman year schools by the name of Dontae “Tae The Unexpected” Smith. We started a group called “The Gamespittaz” and we recorded some of my 1st songs & began work on my debut solo album “Ya Block’s Host” at the end of my senior year.

How did you get the name “King Cydal”?

Around 8th/9grade I called myself “J-Swift” which became Mr. Swiftacydal when I was with “The Gamespittaz” then when I went solo I shortened Swiftacydal into King Cydal which is when I began my debut album from that point on.

Do you have anyone that you consider your mentor? How has their help or advice shaped you?

Early on it was my brother who taught me how to rap and he introduced me to Sean T who showed me how to enhance my production. My brother Cool Breeze also introduced me to Mac Pacino who taught me how the industry is ran and what to expect in the business. In present times I get lots of wisdom from Bay Area Icon B-Legit and all of these legends I listed all showed me how to conduct myself from business to personal lessons that I apply into my craft daily.

You just released your new album “Tacos & Pupusas” with Young Chop. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I had just met Young Chop not too long before through a few events we were at and we knew a few mutual people. 1 day I had met up with him at a Pop-Up he was having and it was there where I jokingly said, “We should just do an album called Tacos & Pupusas”, & from that point we started linking up consistently until the album was completed.

How did the connection with Young Chop happen?

Though we met a few times prior, 1 day I was hosting an event in Sacramento he attended and after that day we locked in & began work on what eventually became Tacos & Pupusas as well as a few other songs that are on iTunes as well as a few unreleased tracks.

In terms of your control over your music – are you signed or independent?

I’m independent and my brand is called Ruler Squad but recently joined forces with B-Legit under his Block Movement imprint as well.

What kind of producers are you working with right now?

Right now I been getting production from Sean T, Cyda Lean from Wichita, Kansas, Golden Eye 95 from Akron, Ohio, YungRichMusik from Stockton, CA & B-Jada aka Jadasnax from East Palo Altoas well my own personal production.

How would you describe rappers today?

Rappers today are more dependent on social media only and don’t physically interact with their fans or each other and the ones today that do connect with their fans gain loyalty amongst their fans forever because the people gotta know you’re truly a dope person as much as you are a dope rapper as people respect those who can relate to them. Build bonds to last a lifetime not just for opportunity or personal gain and that way others would want to see you win because your true to yourself as much as you are towards your craft so build bridges and never burn them in order to enjoy a long healthy career.

What do you do to relax?

Beach views, City or Scenic drives during my travels with some good food and good herbs to name a few.

What is next for King Cydal?

More music including my next official solo album since my debut and more visual releases because my fans been anticipating music from me for quite some time. Also expect me in a few upcoming films and guest production & appearances on many upcoming projects.

Any last words to our readers?

Follow me @King_Cydal on all social media add me on all digital platforms and stay tuned as I have plenty in store for the fans. Royal salute to all and thank everyone for their continued support. Also be sure to subscribe to my KingCydalVevo

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