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1) What’s up, BaD MiND? How did you get your name ”BAD MiND”?

I’m doing good, keeping busy with the music. Producing a lot of other people’s projects as well as my own. The name just kind of came to me in the late 90s and stuck, before I was even making music. In hindsight, as I was recently revisiting the NATAS – doubelievengod album, there’s a line TNT says on the song ”Fuck Da World” that goes:

”Bad news, bad times, bad rhymes, bad lines, bad thoughts, bad shit on my mad mind.”

I think that might have stuck with me and subconsciously influenced the name, and I’ve rocked with it since.

2) When did you first become interested in music? Andw when did you first come in contact with horrorcore rap?

I first got interested in making music in the late 1990’s. There were certain records that really peaked my interest in the creation of the music side of songs. Albums like Bone Thugs~n~harmony’s ”E. 1999 Eternal” really resonated with me with it’s dark, orchestrated soundscapes throughout. That was the first rap album I was super heavy into. I was always into the dark and evil sounding stuff. While there is some mysticism involved in that one, the first straight up horrorcore record I think I ever heard was Insane Clown Posse’s ”Riddlebox” album.
A friend in high school dubbed a tape for me over a Metallica album that was recorded onto it, so you would still hear that Metallica album in the background. It wasn’t the best quality listening experience, but one that sticks in my memory forever. I was absolutely enamored with that album.

3) Would you consider yourself a horrorcore rapper?

I consider myself many things. I’ve done the wickedshit, street rap, produced Hardcore/Gabber electronic records, and last year started a new industrial/electronic/rock project under the name Sacrificial System. I don’t follow the genre labels much, I just try to create what I feel. I’m naturally attracted to the darker styles of music in the world.

4) From where do you draw your inspiration to create music?

Usually from life itself. Music is a very cathartic thing for me. It gets whatever might be bothering me out instead of keeping it bottled up inside. Sometimes I’ll draw some inspiration from film, drawings, sounds, old songs, video games, etc. You never know when inspiration might strike.

5) When you write, do you usually pen your lyrics before or after hearing the beat?

99.9% of the time, it’s after hearing the beat. There have been a couple times where I have came up with some lyrics and wrote music around it, but most of the time I usually let the music tell me what to say.

6) Rapping or producing, Do you prefer one over the other?

I produce way more than rap. I’ve been working on the most recent Bedlam releases (returning with Madness, Staplez, and Ghetto Devil as the new roster), done tracks for The Flatlinerz, produced most of Daniel Jordan’s ”Killed By Love”, helped bring out a new artist under the name of Labrynthine, and many more. The production brings in the money, the rap brings me notoriety. I love making great songs, but I guess I’ll probably always be a producer before anything else.

7) How did you get contact with Cap One of Simken Heights?

A long time ago through the ICQ chat program back in the days of dial up internet. I don’t remember who, but someone got me his info so I hit him up. Helping create ”Parafanalia” followed afterwards. I also remastered and made new artwork for all the Simken Heights and Cap One releases back in 2015. You can get them all from simkenheights.bandcamp.com. Cap, myself, and Madness from Bedlam were also in the process to doing a new Simken project, but only one song was ever released for it and the project dissolved shortly after (check out ”Confessions” on the page).

8) What up with Cap One? You guys working on anything? 

I don’t know what’s up with Cap One, I stopped working with him awhile ago. He’s stuck on his old scam artist ways, among being other things that I won’t disclose here.

9) What artists are you listening to right now?

Far as the underground stuff goes, I’ve been bumping a lot of A.X.E. (Alla Xul Elu), who I’m also doing production for. They are my favorite new group to come out the scene in a very long time, highly recommended if you are looking for something new. I think the new Esham album ”$cribble” was a great release from him. Besides that, it’s just a variety of records like stuff from Alice In Chains, Marilyn Manson, Bone Thugs, Twista, E.C. Illa, Celldweller. The list goes on.

10) What do you think is missing from the game?

A lot of people trying to claim the wickedshit don’t make wicked songs anymore. You won’t hear any dumb ass party tracks from me. A lot of people are also doing some real corny, cringe worthy stuff. Make evil music evil again! And make it sound good.

11) Besides music, is there anything else that you’d like to get involved in or with?

I also do all of my own artwork and photography, but don’t really offer it up to the public. They both play back into the music of course.
I think the next big thing would be doing music videos, it’s just kind of tough being one-man-everything. I need to invest in a nice camera and tripod and go from there.

12) What’s next for you?

I am currently releasing a string of singles throughout the rest of the year. There are two out now, ”Ancient Terror (feat. Labrynthine)”
and ”Torment (feat. Staplez of Bedlam)”, available on badmindrap.bandcamp.com as well as all digital outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, GooglePlay, Tidal, etc. There are another 3 singles to release lined up and in the works so far. Bedlam – Chemical Imbalancez vol. 3 is currently in early production as well. I am planning another major album release for 2018. And am endlessly producing tracks for other artists and groups. Need beats? Hit up www.BankHardBeats.com or contact me direct to get a quote on custom tailored production (badmind36@gmail.com or message me on social media (links in the next answer). The last BAD MiND albums came out in 2015, ”Judgement” LP and ”Mankind” EP.

13) Do you have any message for the readers of Kill-A-Hoe?

I just want to stay thank you for keeping interest in what I am doing and keeping my name alive in your thoughts. While I am highly respected by many artists in the scene, it’s been quite the battle to get the new fans to give the music a listen. Feel free to add me and contact me on social media. I do get quite busy at times (juggling all this music stuff while working a full time job) but will always take a second to talk to any fans that hit me up. Much love to you all, AVE SATANAS!

Thanks for your time, we look forward to hear your new music!

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