Fahrenheit Films julkaisemassa uutta dokkaria ‘The History Of Sacramento Rap’ – katso traileri!

Fahrenheit Films on julkaisemassa uutta dokkaria nimeltä ‘The History Of Sacramento Rap’. Julkaisupäivää ei ole vielä ilmoitettu. Lue lisää alapuolelta.

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Netflix’s “Hip-Hop Evolution” missed Sacramento, that was a mistake! Sacramento rap has platinum, gold, and other highly successful artists. Also, Sac has the CRAZIEST rap stories and history! Fahrenheit Films to the rescue!

Sacramento’s greatest commodity isn’t the Kings, trees, the Farm-To-Fork Festival, or being the capitol of California. Around the world, Sacramento is most known for its rap music. Sac’s rich 35-year rap history is admired far beyond it’s borders. Did you know that Dr. Dre scratched on Sacramento’s first rap single? Did you know that Sac’s X-Raided murder trial was the first “rap-lyrics-to-trial” case? People bug out when they learn Sac rap’s true history.

Sacramento’s biggest hip-hop players are Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo, and X-Raided. With Mozzy’s success and X-Raided’s prison release, Sac rap is bigger than ever! Special guest Ice-T gives his perspective as well.

This documentary, “THE HISTORY OF SACRAMENTO RAP (The Rise and Fall 1982-2009)”, is based on the popular book of the same name. Not only is this documentary about Sacramento’s music history, its also filled with stories of redemption and hope. “The History of Sacramento Rap” includes interviews, insightful narration, culture, music, old pictures, old footage, old videos, news footage, and beautiful story-telling graphics.

“The History of Sacramento Rap” is fascinating to general audiences.


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