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What’s up, Bigg Quint? How are you?

I’m good. Chilling, hanging like wet laundry.

So let’s start at the beginning, where did you grow up?

Frisco. Hunter’s Point, Sunnydale, DoubleRock.

How did you get into rapping?

Went to a Run D.M.C. concert in Frisco, rapping at the Civic back in the days, and once I seen them rock the crowd with Rock Box, I knew I wanted to be in the business. I didn’t start rapping till after high school.

When did you start making music?

Had to be around 92-93, wasn’t nothing like today, when 9 of 10 people you know got a verse or a song. I knew a few niggas rapping, like Fly Mar, 4-1-So-Sick Ass Rell (Rest In Peace).

When you start writing, do you start with words or music?

It all depends on my mood. I can hear a beat and start writing or I can be in the middle of a grocery store and start writing. I keep a pen and a pad with me at all times. I’m OG, I don’t use my phone, I still use pen and a pad till this day.

So much discussion of rap centers around flow: what is good flow to you?

Stay on beat and ride that bitch like it’s no end. Stay in pocket, rhyming every word or every other word. Main-O from 11/5 always said “stay mad at yo mic and drop bomb after bomb”.

What rappers are you feeling the most right now? And what rappers are you not feeling?

First off, I’m still a fan of good music and me being from Frisco I gotta give up to Yung Lott, Footz The Beast, Icey-Run It Up, Hawkie Turf, my nephews T-Monee and T-9ina going hard and a few more that is making some slaps. If you ain’t heard about them, you have to check them out.

How did you meet Dig?

I meet Derrick in school we starting hanging, hustling, getting drunk and high and became best friends, brothers from another, FEEL ME!

How did you guys decide on U.D.I. as a name?

1 day we was sitting in front of Digg house on Thomas just doing what we do and came up with it. Digg said “Under The Influence” and I said “UDI” change the to da hood talk. I mean Digg was already writing for Kev (ChillBlack) and had a few songs he recorded. Cold World was in the studio recording and Marv and Kev (LaidBlack Productions) had the studio at Kev house and the rest is history.

What’s your most memorable moment in the studio with Dig?

So many, I don’t even know where to start. From completing our first song, to being in the studio doing Cold World albums, 11/5 albums, Pho Balo albums to the Unexpected album with Big Mack and Charlie Manhattan. So many memories, to mention 1 that stick out is when he was recording Brotha Luv. I remember when he came out the booth and I said “nigga yo penmanship is ridiculous” and we laughed and said on to the next 1.

What is the story behind Kill-A-Hoe? When did Kill-A-Hoe start and who were the founding members?

KILL-A-HOE FUCK THAT BITCH! 92′ 4-SO-SIC said in a verse “just last week I had to Kill-A-Hoe on front street”. We started calling OG Kevy Kev (Peanut) Kill-A-Hoe and it just stuck for the whole click. The Kill-A-Hoe was born right on Revere St. in the Flatland’s of Hunter’s Point. The founding members are Cold World, 11/5, UDI and T.C.

You guys visited Finland a number of years ago, what where your impressions of our country then?

We brought the new year of 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. We loved the experience fosho, will never forget Helsinki. Special shouts out to Apartment 3 and DNA for bringing us to a beautiful place to meet some good people. Joro, Ali and Tommy (3rd Rail) made sure we was straight the whole trip. From the time we got off the plane, till it was time to leave. UDI, Triple 6 Danny and E-Sic of Cold World Hustler’s had a ball out there. We left one of the clubs at about 5 in morning or some shit like that and walked the streets, signed a few autographs. We had a great time out there, FOSHO WHOYAWIT!

How would you rate Finnish girls on a scale of 1-10?

Very friendly.

Do you have an all-time favorite gangster movie?

Scarface fosho. All the Godfathers, Menace To Society, Boyz N The Hood and Once Upon A Time In America.

What are you working on currently?

Just dropped 3 albums in 1 month. “The 5th Element”, “Came Too Far To Turn Back” and “Premeditated” are all available now on all digital platform’s. Working on “Walking Pharmacy” and “The Last Call”. Just dropped a single called “Keep It Gangsta” featuring B-Style. Also got a few artist on all 3 of the albums that are dropping with albums. Jody Jo (Often Restless) and B-Style got so many albums coming such as “Bag Talk” which will be out in a few weeks.

Do you have any last words to share with the people?

I want to thank y’all for the support over the years FOREAL FOREAL and thank you KILL-A-HOE FROM FINLAND FOR THIS INTERVIEW! K-A-H U.D.I. 4EVER! Here are the links to get Bigg Quint albums on iTunes. REALLY APPRECIATE THE LOVE AND SUPPORT, THANK YOU FINLAND WHOYAWIT!

THE 5TH ELEMENT: 5th Element by Bigg Quint on iTunes
CAME TOO FAR TO TURN BACK: Came Too Far to Turn Back by Bigg Quint on iTunes
PREMEDITATED: Premeditated by Bigg Quint on iTunes
KEEP IT GANGSTA: Keep It Gangsta (feat. B-Style) – Single by Bigg Quint on iTunes

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